The Bike Path catalogues the users of the Santa Monica Beach Bike Path, attempting to, in the words of Tennessee Williams, "snatch the eternal out of the desperately fleeting." For the two years between September 2017 and September 2019, I sat down at various positions along the path, from Temescal Canyon to Venice Beach, and photographed the passers by. Always keeping the distant horizon line fixed, it was a grounding force for the subjects in the photographs and for me. I captured thousands of people, treating them with an equal eye and frame, elevating them and recording their details. Every person I rescued from rushing past and disappearing into to the distance, I felt closer to a calling. The breadth of humanity passing by along the path goes mostly unnoticed,; joy, sorrow, determination, wandering, humor, concentration, contemplation... This series attempts to read and catalogue as much of it as I could.